Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week 9: Today is the end.

To conclude this semester, I will say a few things. It will be short. First of all, thank you to Mr.Zul and Mr.Deepak for their efforts of teaching us. Even though sometimes it is not very easy to handle a bunch of young adults in class. I believe it must have been difficult but I have enough respect for the effort they have put in. I believe I have learned what I needed to learn but it was not enough as we should have been learning this in the long trimester. However, it was definitely enough for the short trimester. In the beginning I overlooked the fact that this subject had anything to do with what I might be planning on doing for delta. But today I realized, there is a big part of me that is heading to 3D environment as my majoring in MI.

And as for the projects we had to do, I am glad I learned something. I have to say that I am not gifted in these area of doing environment designs but it has opened my eyes in a way that I am really trying my best to understood. It has taught me well.

Besides that, I hope you enjoyed reading what I had to write for the previous posts. They were just random things that I thought would tickle your fancy. Lastly, I wish the best to everyone and may God pour blessings unto everyone of us. Amen!

Thank you and so long. May we meet again.

Week 9 : Summary of this semester.

Hello there. This will be my second last post and I figured I should write a summary of what it has been like for me in this subject this semester. Environmental Design has taught me quite a lot, honestly. And I am not lying. At first I did not quite get the idea of why I should learn this, but today I understood why. The environment plays an important role in advertising and is often over looked. Thus, with this subject, I understand why I was to learn this. This subject is pretty interesting and would have been more interesting if it was done during the long semester. 

I had two projects, the first was to create a navigational design and the second was to make an exhibition design. I will show some of my works that I have done for this semester here right now. Truthfully, it took a lot of process and sketching, and I am not really good at technical drawing but in the end these are what I have come up with.

 Project 1 : Navigational Design(The Royal Bintang Hotel)

 Project 2 : Exhibition Booth(The Body Shop)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Week 8: Jaw drop print ads.

There are some advertisement that will give people provocation and challenges to the mind. These type of advertisements are the ones that will often stay in the minds of consumers. The ideas are usually mind blowing. I made some print ads recently for an animal spay and neutering campaign. I have came across some that are very interesting and i will post some of them up here. 

Girl pouring poison.

Over breeding.

Santa clause is not real?


Double skin.


Vodka/scotch anyone?

Against animal violence.

Against animal violence.


Women abuse.


Family abuse.

Against animal violence.

Did these pictures blow your mind? Some of them are really out of your mind. The ideas are brilliant. And it makes you think. I think ads that make you think are usually the ones that stick in our minds. So these are some of it. Enjoy!


Week 8: Can you make me a typortrait?

I always find it amazing how people can draw portrait so well. Once i had a classmates whos drawings of portraits just blew my mind away. But i could never come close to what they do. Im generally just not so good at drawing. I just doodle more than anything. In this post id like to share some pictures of portraits that are composed of typography. Which is pretty amazing for me. Because first of all, i cant figure out how to draw a good portrait. And second, to play around with typography in a portrait, that would be impossible for me to do. But one thing i know is that, it takes a lot of time and effort to get these things done. Or maybe, Id like to think so.

Theyre really good arent they? Enjoy being mesmerized by these pictures. Kudos!


Week 7: Purr, can i have one of those to sleep in?

Cat trees are places that are especially made for cats to sleep in. Usually we'd think these things are irrelevant for pets but some pet owners really take their time to get their pets really nicely created pet houses for them. Either it is for cats or dogs. They have nicely designed places for their pets to sleep in. But most of the time theyre usually very expensive. But pet owners get these things just to give the most comfort to their pets. Here are some of the designs ive come across the net.

To be honest, I think I feel downgraded when I look at these designs. My own bed looks too simple and uncomfortable. But these pet houses are amazing. They are so pampered and loved. Most of the time, pets would be kept asleep outside the house or in the house sofas. Most of the time only wealthy people would take the time to get these things for their pets. But its utterly adorable! 


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 7: Some outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising is a different approach to advertising your brand. One of the biggest most rewarding way to get consumers attention and reach is through outdoor advertising. However, it is not very easy to grab consumers attention unless the idea behind it is brilliant. But I have always felt, it takes a great mind to think out of the box to get peoples attention when theyre on busy streets and roads and busy lives. Here are some brilliant outdoor advertising that are very eye catching and creative.

Canon(wall ad)

Denver Water(billboard ad)

Do(sushi food)

Floralp butter(billboard ad)




Scotch Whisky

SOS KinderDorfer(escalator ad)

Lays(ceiling ad)

Looking at these great ideas, I hope someday ill have what it takes to come up with something like this. They dont come in a day or two, but sometimes, the ideas are worth waiting for.