Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week 3 : Who's shadow is that?

For this weeks post, I will be sharing a topic on shadow art. Shadow art is a form of sculptural art where the 2D shadow is casted by a 3D sculpture. These shadows are projected from the used of various objects that is gathered around that when light shines on to it, will cast shadows of certain things for viewing. What I find amazing is you would never had known these were possible. Its very creative and I am pretty sure it takes a lot of time to figure how to come up with these projection of shadows.

Foils that make up a shadow of a horse.

random metal that make up the shadow of a bike.

a simple exclamation mark.

a shadow of two people sitting.

shadow of a person walking.

shadow of two people sitting and chilling.

shadow of two people doing their private business(if you know what i mean, haha).

shadow of rats.

shadow of heads.

shadow of faces from the side view.

shadow of a ship.

The most memorable thing about these art is that they are mostly made by junk and recycled materials such as cans and paper and foil. Its nice to see things that we cant imagine were possible but it is. I think these shadow art are remarkable. Just thought id share these.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week 3 : Want some origami?

For this week, i will sharing a post about origami. In generally origami is producing an object using a folded paper. It was pioneered by Japanese people. The most common origami that we often see is the crane. Its actually a kind of bird. I saw a couple of that last week in class. In general, how complicated it is to fold an origami depends on what object you are trying to produce. I believe it takes a lot to fold these papers and it is not as easy as they look like. Creativity can spark through many things and one of it is origami. It takes a lot of patience to complete an origami. Hence, i salute those who do it so well. These are some brilliant origami designs that i have no idea how people do them. 

 grulla bird.

 Yoda(star trek).


 Iron Man.


 King Prawn.


 Praying mantis.

Vendetta mask and a rose.


Cyclommatus(a kind of beetle).

I was trying out a couple of origami's today that made me want to write this. It was difficult to do actually. I like how intense it is to make these and how detail they are. Also origami has been a part of logo ideas for brands for some time now. It is actually very creative to see origami as logo ideas. Maybe i can try that out for some logo ideas sometime.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 2 : Your-most-wanted bedroom.

Bedrooms are the place where people go to and spend most of their time at. This applies to mainly teenagers and growing youngsters. They are often indulged in decorating their rooms to be what they dream for it to be. As a teenager i dreamed of having my own room with pretty furnitures and colored walls but never quite had it. But thats alright.

Today my post will be about bedroom designs that fit the interest of young age group. I am pretty sure these are what teenagers would kill to have. Even some are my dream rooms too. I think they are often outstanding because of the arrangement of the things inside the room and how wide they are. The colors used for walls are normally subtle and relaxing to the eyes. Another thing i realized is that what made them look fancy is the floors are not tiled floors instead they are either carpeted or with a flat color. 

Creamy blue walls with white furnitures. 

 stylish and hip red as the wall color and little things.

your fairytale bedroom.

milky lavender and neat arrangement.

grey walls and red wardrobes in contrast, perfect!

cute wall designs and colors for a small child or maybe not.

green tone color for furnitures and wide room space.

pretty blue for a pretty princess.

green bedroom with minimal things.

a very wide room, very cozy.

Its the arrangement and color of things that make the room your-most-wanted. It makes me speechless staring at those rooms. But interior designers creative efforts in making those rooms most wanted is highly respected by me. Someday, ill have one of those.


Week 2 : Hello, this is my card.

This week, I will be sharing a post on the various designs of business cards which i find to be very interesting. Some of the concepts used are very creative indeed. Its nice to find inspiration when looking through these to spark some ideas when trying to create a business card. There are plenty of ways to design simple or illustrative cards. Here are some good ones that i have came across. 

 i love the concept in this, somewhat like singages.

 creative person cut out card.

 speech bubble idea, very elegant with background picture.

 culinary idea, very interesting.

 cut out card.

simple and clean, yet very eye catching.

 open fold chair inside a card, minimalist.

a bite mark at the edge, cute concept.

nice colors and coarse texture used.

simple layout arrangement with burn out edge.

simple but interesting used of colors and illustration.

creative cards that look like coupons.

black and white card.

nice texture and design used.

minimal design with folded end of the card.

rubber see through and extruding words.

Whats so interesting about these cards is the fact that they are so simple to do. But coming up with the idea of it might take more time than looking at the outcome of it. Most of the time people would think making a business card is the easiest thing, but coming up with the brilliant idea that leaves people reminded of your card takes more than just writing your contacts on it and a simple base color. Its definitely something to think about next time.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 1 : Excuse me, paperbags?

Also according to my lecturer, we are to share an interesting topic or just about anything in our blogs. So for that, today i will be sharing my first post which is about paperbag designs. I personally am fond of paperbags but most of the time collect cloth bags from time to time. Its very interesting to see what their design concept is when they create those paperbags and shopping bags. I personally love the minimalist design concept applied on paperbags. I came across many creative designs on the internet.

Volkswagen: car door handle.

 YKM: jumping rope.

 Bookstore : holding books.

Animal violence: goose.

 Nail polish: nail biter?

 Help: blood donation.

 Hanging by a rope.

 Panadol: headache expression.

Autism: helping autism children.

I love their creative use of photographs as the design concept on the paperbags. It is very attention grabbing and makes people want to look at it. Also, the supporting text on the paperbags are very helpful in understanding what it is about. In addition to that, the text/words should be big enough for people to see. So, paperbags anyone?