Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 2 : Hello, this is my card.

This week, I will be sharing a post on the various designs of business cards which i find to be very interesting. Some of the concepts used are very creative indeed. Its nice to find inspiration when looking through these to spark some ideas when trying to create a business card. There are plenty of ways to design simple or illustrative cards. Here are some good ones that i have came across. 

 i love the concept in this, somewhat like singages.

 creative person cut out card.

 speech bubble idea, very elegant with background picture.

 culinary idea, very interesting.

 cut out card.

simple and clean, yet very eye catching.

 open fold chair inside a card, minimalist.

a bite mark at the edge, cute concept.

nice colors and coarse texture used.

simple layout arrangement with burn out edge.

simple but interesting used of colors and illustration.

creative cards that look like coupons.

black and white card.

nice texture and design used.

minimal design with folded end of the card.

rubber see through and extruding words.

Whats so interesting about these cards is the fact that they are so simple to do. But coming up with the idea of it might take more time than looking at the outcome of it. Most of the time people would think making a business card is the easiest thing, but coming up with the brilliant idea that leaves people reminded of your card takes more than just writing your contacts on it and a simple base color. Its definitely something to think about next time.


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