Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 1 : Excuse me, paperbags?

Also according to my lecturer, we are to share an interesting topic or just about anything in our blogs. So for that, today i will be sharing my first post which is about paperbag designs. I personally am fond of paperbags but most of the time collect cloth bags from time to time. Its very interesting to see what their design concept is when they create those paperbags and shopping bags. I personally love the minimalist design concept applied on paperbags. I came across many creative designs on the internet.

Volkswagen: car door handle.

 YKM: jumping rope.

 Bookstore : holding books.

Animal violence: goose.

 Nail polish: nail biter?

 Help: blood donation.

 Hanging by a rope.

 Panadol: headache expression.

Autism: helping autism children.

I love their creative use of photographs as the design concept on the paperbags. It is very attention grabbing and makes people want to look at it. Also, the supporting text on the paperbags are very helpful in understanding what it is about. In addition to that, the text/words should be big enough for people to see. So, paperbags anyone?

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