Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 2 : Your-most-wanted bedroom.

Bedrooms are the place where people go to and spend most of their time at. This applies to mainly teenagers and growing youngsters. They are often indulged in decorating their rooms to be what they dream for it to be. As a teenager i dreamed of having my own room with pretty furnitures and colored walls but never quite had it. But thats alright.

Today my post will be about bedroom designs that fit the interest of young age group. I am pretty sure these are what teenagers would kill to have. Even some are my dream rooms too. I think they are often outstanding because of the arrangement of the things inside the room and how wide they are. The colors used for walls are normally subtle and relaxing to the eyes. Another thing i realized is that what made them look fancy is the floors are not tiled floors instead they are either carpeted or with a flat color. 

Creamy blue walls with white furnitures. 

 stylish and hip red as the wall color and little things.

your fairytale bedroom.

milky lavender and neat arrangement.

grey walls and red wardrobes in contrast, perfect!

cute wall designs and colors for a small child or maybe not.

green tone color for furnitures and wide room space.

pretty blue for a pretty princess.

green bedroom with minimal things.

a very wide room, very cozy.

Its the arrangement and color of things that make the room your-most-wanted. It makes me speechless staring at those rooms. But interior designers creative efforts in making those rooms most wanted is highly respected by me. Someday, ill have one of those.


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