Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week 3 : Who's shadow is that?

For this weeks post, I will be sharing a topic on shadow art. Shadow art is a form of sculptural art where the 2D shadow is casted by a 3D sculpture. These shadows are projected from the used of various objects that is gathered around that when light shines on to it, will cast shadows of certain things for viewing. What I find amazing is you would never had known these were possible. Its very creative and I am pretty sure it takes a lot of time to figure how to come up with these projection of shadows.

Foils that make up a shadow of a horse.

random metal that make up the shadow of a bike.

a simple exclamation mark.

a shadow of two people sitting.

shadow of a person walking.

shadow of two people sitting and chilling.

shadow of two people doing their private business(if you know what i mean, haha).

shadow of rats.

shadow of heads.

shadow of faces from the side view.

shadow of a ship.

The most memorable thing about these art is that they are mostly made by junk and recycled materials such as cans and paper and foil. Its nice to see things that we cant imagine were possible but it is. I think these shadow art are remarkable. Just thought id share these.


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