Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week 1 : Navigational Design.

This week was my first Environmental Design class. Assignment briefing and introduction to the subject was given by Mr.Zul. He previously thought me Media Innovation in Beta 1. We also have an additional lecturer now, Mr.Deepak who will be assisting us in 3D matters. As i mentioned earlier, this subject is about Environmental Design. Although it was previously called Environmental Media. This subject is introduced to develop advertising ideas with the emphasis on content, information and persuasion of rich environment. Also, to expose students on the 3 dimensional media in our environments. Some examples are the trade shows, exhibitions, showrooms, window displays, playgrounds and many others.

We are also required to write a blog on a certain topic that the lecturer has requested for every single week. For this weeks entry, I was given the task to take pictures of navigational design boards of a specific building or park and discuss about it. I have chosen to write about a hotel which is located in Seremban. It is called Royal Bintang Hotel.

main hotel directory

simpler directions

Basically, the first picture is the very main directory for the hotel which tells how many levels of floors there is and the arrows shows which levels are upstairs and which are downstairs. The one without the arrows signifies which current floor a person is at now. The directory is very direct which helps visitors to know where they can find certain places such as restaurants, boutiques and even offices. 

Although, some directional signages can be misleading like perhaps when you are searching for the bathroom. In that case, i tried following the directions where it led to the toilet. Here, i realized the good thing about the signages that i came across was that it was very clear and direct. There was no way of getting confused with the arrows that were suppose to lead you to where you wanted to go. So i kept walking to the left and came across this other little signage in this picture below.

the toilet sign-age


All i can say is that it led exactly where i wanted to go which is the toilet, in no time. The directions were made very clear for people and did not confuse me in any way. I would say this is one of the good directional signages that i have come across. I say this because in terns of its typography, the fonts used is very clear and big enough for people to see it from a distance. You not need to come too close to figure out whats written. Besides that, the graphics used is also very straight forward, which is a male and female. People would usually know what it means already. In conclusion, the navigational design aspects of the one i photographed has very fine characteristics of a good directional signage.

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