Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week 3 : Want some origami?

For this week, i will sharing a post about origami. In generally origami is producing an object using a folded paper. It was pioneered by Japanese people. The most common origami that we often see is the crane. Its actually a kind of bird. I saw a couple of that last week in class. In general, how complicated it is to fold an origami depends on what object you are trying to produce. I believe it takes a lot to fold these papers and it is not as easy as they look like. Creativity can spark through many things and one of it is origami. It takes a lot of patience to complete an origami. Hence, i salute those who do it so well. These are some brilliant origami designs that i have no idea how people do them. 

 grulla bird.

 Yoda(star trek).


 Iron Man.


 King Prawn.


 Praying mantis.

Vendetta mask and a rose.


Cyclommatus(a kind of beetle).

I was trying out a couple of origami's today that made me want to write this. It was difficult to do actually. I like how intense it is to make these and how detail they are. Also origami has been a part of logo ideas for brands for some time now. It is actually very creative to see origami as logo ideas. Maybe i can try that out for some logo ideas sometime.

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