Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week 4 : Cutleries about and around.

Cutleries are made of all the things you used to eat as an extension of your hand. They are commonly known as utensils such as knifes, forks and spoons. They are important tools used as we eat. There are so many brilliant execution of ideas in coming up with new ideas of cutleries. Here are some of it. Designers have come up with amazing cutleries ideas to spice up your dinner table. Somehow I feel that if i had these cutleries, I would have a better appetite eating my food. Wouldnt it do the same to you?

polygonal cutleries.

bite marks cutleries.

curved cutleries.

mechanical cutleries.

simplified lines cutleries.

folded wrapped cutleries.

toy like cutleries.

bent cutleries.

bent cutleries.

smooth cutleries.

fish shaped cutleries.

garden tool cutleries.

rounded cutleries.

I think its brilliant how most of them are very simplified. They come from simple ideas but made it very interesting. Most of them are made of silver that gives it a very elegant look. I am pretty sure people would love to buy these, as I would too.

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