Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week 5: Container as the Content.

For this weeks lecture, Mr.Zul talked about some fundamentals of design and dimensions. Besides that, he finally gave us a topic to write on for this week. He called it "Container as the Content". When he first mentioned this, what came through my mind was a philosophical term that i learnt in Media Aesthetics class last semester. It is known as "the Medium is the Message". I am pretty sure they have the same meaning. This phrase was coined by Marshall Mcluhan. So back to Container as the Content. It has similar meaning and what i can deduce is that what it meant by the Container here is the Medium used. Which also means that the container itself is an important deal in delivering the Content which is normally the message. the Container itself should be given a lot of attention and studying before proceeding to its Content. Often I believe people overlooked the impact of the type of Container they choose when delivering a certain type of Content. That is why the type of Container we use for just about anything(for advertising/teaching/etc) should be taken into consideration carefully. It is because that Medium we use as the Container will affect society itself in little ways we dont notice. It somewhat creates a different perspective of how we receive the Content.

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