Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week 5 : Murphy's Law in Design

Another post for this week will be about Murphy's Law in Design.  This is actually my first time hearing about it. After I read about it, i actually laughed because its kind of like deja vu. Murphy's Law is actually an epigram that states that "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". Some of the example of this situation occurred by this Law are as follows.

1. When you have 10 minutes to print your work before a meeting with a client, the printer will go out of ink.

2. When the printer goes out of ink, you dont have any cartridges to replace.

3. No matter what the size of your logo, its not big enough for your client.

4. If you dont make your website work on IE6 before showing your client, he will be using IE6.

5. If you show your client 2 work you loved the most and 1 that you are not really happy with, he will pick the one you dont like.

6. The time you want to launch your new site, it will take 48 hours for the domain to resolve.

You pretty much get the rough idea what this Murphy's Law is about now. Its like a series of unfortunate turn of events occurring to you. Some examples i can give that has happened to students in MMU are as follows.

1. Student does last minute work and tomorrows submission, computer crashes in the middle of the night.

2. Students submission is tomorrow and wants to print work before submission, printing shop is closed.

3. Student saves work for presentation tomorrow, external hard disk crashes the next day.

4. Student about to finish rendering assignment, software crashes and corrupts all files.

These are actually incidents that has happened before that i have bare witnessed in class for the years i haveve spent here in MMU. Its a little funny because it is like your somewhat jinx in situations you seriously feel like cursing the world about. Which is why i try not to do last minute work but even then sometimes its just fate and they are just not things you can control. All i can do normally is hope for the best.


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