Saturday, April 2, 2011

Week 4 : Book ends anyone?

For people who love reading books, this ones is for you. I will be writing about book ends. Which will be very useful if you had a lot of books and you needed them to stay still. Book ends are used at the end of your standing books as a support so they do not fall over to one side or another. Designers have been really creative to come up with different designs which i find it very attractive to have them. Although, I am not a book person. But I would love to own these. They are so pretty and they are actually very simple ideas. Even then, I am so fond of it.

typography play of book end.

walking man book end.

man pushing book end.

gymnastic book end.

Alphabet staircase book end.

buddha book end.

screw book end.

classy bear chilling book end.

ancient books book end.

superheroes book end.

running man book end.

typewriter book end.

fan like book end.

These are just a few eye-catching examples of creative book ends that i found over the internet. I think we tend to overlook little things like book ends but in reality, everything has been altered and redesigned into amazing looking objects. In general i just love how the designs are so minimal in terms of colors and complexity. Hence, i would like to own all of the above. Thank you very much.


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