Friday, April 29, 2011

Week 6: Im a little hungry for these.

This week i will be sharing a post of the unexpected things that can be made out of chocolate. I find it amusing to see all these creations, its a little crazy for me because i dont quite enjoy so much of chocolate. So seeing these already makes me full. Who would ever thought chocolates could be a part of design? Lately, just about anything can be designed. Food, clothes, fruits, all things. So here are some of the chocolate object creations.

Ferrari chocolate D:

 Chocolate stamps

Chocolate knife

 Chocolate pills

 Chocolate toolkit

Chocolate scrabble

 Chocolate shoes!

 Chocolate pencils

 Chocolate keyboard

 Chocolate alphabets

 Chocolate nails

Its funny how I am tempted to eat chocolate right now. But i really think it takes a lot for people to create these things. They are not so easy to make looking at the shapes and sizes. So thats where the designer has to do his job.


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