Friday, May 6, 2011

Week 7: Purr, can i have one of those to sleep in?

Cat trees are places that are especially made for cats to sleep in. Usually we'd think these things are irrelevant for pets but some pet owners really take their time to get their pets really nicely created pet houses for them. Either it is for cats or dogs. They have nicely designed places for their pets to sleep in. But most of the time theyre usually very expensive. But pet owners get these things just to give the most comfort to their pets. Here are some of the designs ive come across the net.

To be honest, I think I feel downgraded when I look at these designs. My own bed looks too simple and uncomfortable. But these pet houses are amazing. They are so pampered and loved. Most of the time, pets would be kept asleep outside the house or in the house sofas. Most of the time only wealthy people would take the time to get these things for their pets. But its utterly adorable! 


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