Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week 9 : Summary of this semester.

Hello there. This will be my second last post and I figured I should write a summary of what it has been like for me in this subject this semester. Environmental Design has taught me quite a lot, honestly. And I am not lying. At first I did not quite get the idea of why I should learn this, but today I understood why. The environment plays an important role in advertising and is often over looked. Thus, with this subject, I understand why I was to learn this. This subject is pretty interesting and would have been more interesting if it was done during the long semester. 

I had two projects, the first was to create a navigational design and the second was to make an exhibition design. I will show some of my works that I have done for this semester here right now. Truthfully, it took a lot of process and sketching, and I am not really good at technical drawing but in the end these are what I have come up with.

 Project 1 : Navigational Design(The Royal Bintang Hotel)

 Project 2 : Exhibition Booth(The Body Shop)

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