Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 7: Some outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising is a different approach to advertising your brand. One of the biggest most rewarding way to get consumers attention and reach is through outdoor advertising. However, it is not very easy to grab consumers attention unless the idea behind it is brilliant. But I have always felt, it takes a great mind to think out of the box to get peoples attention when theyre on busy streets and roads and busy lives. Here are some brilliant outdoor advertising that are very eye catching and creative.

Canon(wall ad)

Denver Water(billboard ad)

Do(sushi food)

Floralp butter(billboard ad)




Scotch Whisky

SOS KinderDorfer(escalator ad)

Lays(ceiling ad)

Looking at these great ideas, I hope someday ill have what it takes to come up with something like this. They dont come in a day or two, but sometimes, the ideas are worth waiting for.


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