Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week 9: Today is the end.

To conclude this semester, I will say a few things. It will be short. First of all, thank you to Mr.Zul and Mr.Deepak for their efforts of teaching us. Even though sometimes it is not very easy to handle a bunch of young adults in class. I believe it must have been difficult but I have enough respect for the effort they have put in. I believe I have learned what I needed to learn but it was not enough as we should have been learning this in the long trimester. However, it was definitely enough for the short trimester. In the beginning I overlooked the fact that this subject had anything to do with what I might be planning on doing for delta. But today I realized, there is a big part of me that is heading to 3D environment as my majoring in MI.

And as for the projects we had to do, I am glad I learned something. I have to say that I am not gifted in these area of doing environment designs but it has opened my eyes in a way that I am really trying my best to understood. It has taught me well.

Besides that, I hope you enjoyed reading what I had to write for the previous posts. They were just random things that I thought would tickle your fancy. Lastly, I wish the best to everyone and may God pour blessings unto everyone of us. Amen!

Thank you and so long. May we meet again.

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