Friday, May 6, 2011

Week 8: Jaw drop print ads.

There are some advertisement that will give people provocation and challenges to the mind. These type of advertisements are the ones that will often stay in the minds of consumers. The ideas are usually mind blowing. I made some print ads recently for an animal spay and neutering campaign. I have came across some that are very interesting and i will post some of them up here. 

Girl pouring poison.

Over breeding.

Santa clause is not real?


Double skin.


Vodka/scotch anyone?

Against animal violence.

Against animal violence.


Women abuse.


Family abuse.

Against animal violence.

Did these pictures blow your mind? Some of them are really out of your mind. The ideas are brilliant. And it makes you think. I think ads that make you think are usually the ones that stick in our minds. So these are some of it. Enjoy!


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